Client: Subway – Internal Communications

Project summary: Responsive innovation portal that encourages franchise owners across the globe to do the following: submit innovative ideas, get inspired by reading success stories about launched ideas and also to vote, comment & “like” other ideas. This redesign also entails improving the UX for both front-end users and Admins.

Industry: Global Fast Food Franchise

Duration: 2 months (Sep – Oct 2013)

My roles: UX Designer, Interaction Designer

Cooking Up Tasty, Fresh Ideas

The key goal was to re-design their existing portal which had very little features to offer the visitor. It was a matter of taking a website that was basically an idea submit form, into an interactive and social experience where users could read other ideas to get inspired, vote on ideas and keep track of their own submissions.
Conducted heuristic reviews of other idea community platforms in the Food & Beverage industry such as Starbucks. Use elements from SharePoint 2013 Community Sites as the foundation for the experience.
Our team delivered responsive wireframes, full visual design comps, redline annotations, process flows and other UX documentation.

Wireframes & IA

We took advantage of the built-in crowdsourcing functionality and social abilities of SharePoint 2013 Community Sites, and then created customized code or unique interactions where needed. I created a full set of responsive wireframes that show how the UI elements change from desktop, tablet and phone screen widths.

Process Flow

Another key business goal is to utilize crowdsourcing to help the Admins determine whether or not they needed to consider moving forward with ideas. This chart helps to understand the process of when an idea reaches the threshold and at points do the Admins get notified via different workflows.

Translation Approach

Due to the idea submissions being typed and submitted in various languages we realized the site would contain a mixture of user-generated content along with Admin/editorial controlled content and elements from the SharePoint system that could be translated using tokenization.

Visual Design

After all of the UX activities, the Creative Director applied visuals on top of the wireframes using existing Subway branding, using the brighter palette to entice and inspire franchisees.

Key Learnings / Challenges

I learned and realized after working on this project that a company could have most amazing innovation portal on the planet but it doesn’t matter if there’s no adoption and engagement plan. A challenge for me on this project was grasping all of the complexities of localization and making the experience the best possible, for people all over the globe – not just the United States.