Client: Long Flowy Dirt Jumps (LFDJ)

Project summary: A local independent clothing company recognized that a website could help sell more items and to promote events. I created two designs for them to choose from and also an assets package for the developer who coded the site.

Industry: Retail

Duration: 3 weeks (2012)

My roles: Visual Designer, Graphics Production

Online Shopping for Riders

As an alternative to selling their merchandise at the local sporting event, LFDJ needed an online shopping experience where people could go and buy their hand-crafted t-shirts, keychains, hats and other clothing at any hour.

The overall objective was to launch a new e-commerce website with new branding and identity to match their preexisting clothing and accessory line and graphical elements.
I interviewed the owner to learn about their users, what types of content and calls to action would need to be present on the site. In addition, I created a mood board and explored typography and color palettes based off the mood board.
After consulting, I produced two visual design concepts and color palettes/typefaces to choose from, and then iterated on the chosen design until completed and approved, delivering redline specs for the developer.

Mood Board

Whenever I start a new creative project, I always create a mood board to help inspire the designs. For this project, I went with the design cues the client emphasized: dirty, gritty, raw, earthy and urban.

Color Palette

To tightly mesh with their preexisting personality and minimalist culture, I went with a color palette black and dark grey as the primary colors, with pops of bright colors to give more attention to call to action buttons. The colors in this palette were inspired by the mood board.


Web Design

The client specifically wanted a darker theme, so I went with the darker colors from the palette. I incorporated their existing logo (top left in header), existing logo typeface treatment (top right in header) as well as their existing skateboarder motif (in footer). Design comps directly below show the chosen approach.

Alternate Design

In this alternate design, I wanted to explore more apparent use of texture (mud spatters & bike tracks) and a lighter charcoal color with more dulled/muted colors for call to action buttons. I also explored a more prominent logo placement, different content on the home page and overall page layout.

Color Palette

This color palette is more earthy and muted, with less bright accent colors, again influenced by the mood board.


Alternate Web Design