Client: The Burlesque Boutique

Project Summary: Ruby Mimosa, owner of the Boutique and burlesque dancer and instructor, needed a logo and branding to start her retail business where she sells everything from wigs to pasties. In addition, she also needed business cards, digital assets and print collateral.

Industry: Retail – Dance, Entertainment

Duration: 3 weeks (2011)

My roles: Visual Designer

Glitz & Glamour

Burlesque dancing is sizzling, sultry and sexy…playful, dirty and fun. Ruby taught me about the burlesque culture when we met to discuss her needs for net-new branding for her retail business, The Burlesque Boutique.

Develop a new and exciting brand that would help with retail sales, both on and offline.
Conduct visual design research to create a mood board, color palette and typography explorations to come up with the final brand.
Created a logo design, color palette and designed both digital promo ads and print collateral.

Mood Board

Whenever I start a new creative project, I always create a mood board to help inspire the designs. For this project, I went with the design cues Ruby emphasized: luxury, gold, glitz, glamour, textures like velvet, lace and oh did I say GOLD?

Color Palette

After we agreed on a mood board that accurately represented the style, colors and overall mood of the brand, I created a color palette that was directly influenced by the mood board imagery.

Logo Design

After taking the the expressive, sensual nature of burlesque dancing and its fun and expressive nature, I needed to stick with typefaces that represent that culture. The final logo design (directly below) has a slight up-tilt, echoing a kicking leg of a dancer – creating movement in the design.


Initial Typeface Explorations

Alternate Logo Designs

Digital Promo Banners

Ruby needed some digital promotional banners for a partner website where she had a space to advertise her business.

Print Collateral

These were needed for in her shipment boxes as well as pop-up shops in Seattle.