Client: Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition

Project summary: Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition (formerly the Wilbur Ellis Feed Division), was in need of a new B2B website. Our team helped create and deliver a new website design with content strategy and a refreshed brand.

Industry: Global Livestock, Pet Food and Aquaculture Feed Provider

Duration: 2 months (2013)

My roles: UX Researcher, UX Designer, Content Strategy, Visual Designer, Photo Researcher, Graphics Production & Redlines

Global Insights, Local Expertise

At the start of the project, the client’s previous B2B public website was not targeted to the primary audiences of the business and there was a lack of tailored content with no real clear calls to action. There didn’t seem to be an understanding of the general user goals. After consulting key stakeholders about problems that exist today, user feedback and any new business requirements, we knew better how to solve for UX improvements.

The objectives for the new website included: provide more clear messaging to help the end user understand who and what the company is, help grow a key initiative in Asia by increasing awareness, target new audiences in new regions, attract new employees, and accentuate the company as a global leader in their industry.
I conducted Heuristic Review and Competitive Analysis along with other User Research, User Testing and Persona creation. These UX activities helped inform the design solutions and SEO & Marketing strategy.
Our team delivered all UX Research documentation, two visual design approaches, final visual design comps and redline specs for the development team.

Competitive Analysis

In order to help our client distinguish themselves and their website from their competitors I conducted a review on 4 other websites. The deliverable I prepared identifies strengths and weaknesses of those sites and key areas for competitive advantages for the client. Section content includes screen captures of relevant content and features with commentary regarding how they can learn from their competitors. Below is a sample from the review.

User Research, Testing & Personas

These explorations helped define the target users, common scenarios and unifying goals or questions they may have that would influence the content. Some common user scenarios are: selling/manufacturing products, purchasing products or need by-product disposal. Questions the users have may have include: “Is it a good company to work for?“, “Are they certified?” or “Are they leaders in the industry with a good reputation?” Below are a couple personas from the user personas research.

Tools used:

Content Audit & SEO Strategy

Our recommended approach to the SEO strategy included: cross-linking to other websites to generate more traffic; this may include cross-links from industry bodies, publications, and social media sites such as Facebook; ensuring videos and images are tagged with effective metadata; using structured HTML headings and subheadings and modifying current website content with popular keywords/keyword phrases.

Existing Website

The existing website had room in many different areas for improvement. In addition to the problems already addressed above, the visual design was in need of a refresh that could help better distinguish them from their competitors and modernize their brand to increase trust.

Updated Website Design

There were two visual designers on the team and we each created a design concept. In my design, the main emphasis on the home page is on the photography containing people interacting and conducting business in a relaxed manner. I researched stock photos, created a new color palette using existing company branding. I chose to stick with the lighter cream, charcoal and blue end of the palette and used sharp corners of UI elements and buttons.

Mood Board

Whenever I start a new creative project, I always create a mood board to help inspire the designs. For this project, I went with the design cues I noticed in competitor sites and imagery that evokes: local farming, down to earth farmers, innovation, science/technology, the pets we love.

Color Palette


Visual Designs